Ich veröffentliche hier aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur GEMA freie Musik, also von lange verstorbenen Komponisten. Jedoch unterrichte ich von Beethoven bis Metallica, sowie alles was dazwischen liegt!
Euer Jörg Sonberger

Peter is playing "An die Freude" on the piano by Ludwig van Beethoven,
He is a guitar, vocal and pianostudent of one-music.


Werner is a guitar and vocalstudent of one-music.
He is playing "Menuett" by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Thomas plays "Bouree" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He is a guitar-and vocalstudent.
Style: Classicalguitar
Produced by Joerg Sonberger in One-Music-Studio


And here finally, one of my masterstudents: Tamina
She is a guitar-vocal and pianostudent of one-music. She is now 20 years old and a true virtuoso on the piano. She is about to study music on Conservatorium. She plays capricce no.5, one of the 24 capricces by the violin virtuoso nicolo paganini. This is in classical music world, one of the 10 most virtuos and demanding violin pieces of all time, so don´t try this at home kids! :-)